Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Knight in training

Hi. My name is Matthew and I am the oldest kid in the family. I am 13 years old and in the "8th" grade. We don't really put grades on ourselves, but the curriculum says 8th, so I guess I am in that grade. I will be starting high school next year. My favorite things in life are: SPORTS! ( I love the St. Louis Rams and the St. Louis Cardinals. I really don't like any of the Kansas City clubs. I don't think they are very good. ) I love swords and guns and catapults and anything that is boyish. My brother and I love to have matches with each other or my best friend, Tony.

I have a black Labrador Retriever named Robert the Bruce. We call him Bruce. I named him that because Bruce is one of my favorite historical people. Two others of mine are General Lee and William Wallace. I love the movies Braveheart (even though my parents have not let me see all of it) and Lord of the Rings. Gandolf is really cool.

Last year my parents bought me a 1966 Ford Mustang to fix up. I LOVE it. I am going to paint it silver and black. I can't wait to be able to drive it. I need a job though, so I can fix it up. I love to hunt. This year I killed a 5 point buck. I was so excited. I jumped down out of the stand and screamed. My dad was excited too.

My favorite subject in school is Science. I plan on being a Lepodopterist. What is that you ask? Well, it is a person who studies butterflies. I love dragonflies, too. I am planning on writing a book about dragonflies where I live.

This year was my last year playing soccer. I have played since I was four years old. I think I am going to help coach next year and eventually when I am 16, I can referee. That is cool because I can get paid for that.


Rebecca Knox said...

Hey, Matthew!

What a COOL blog! I really enjoyed reading about you jumping up and down in that deer stand...SCREAMING!!! For some reason, I could just picture it! Hee-hee! I'm so thankful that the LORD has strengthened the bond between our families, and that Tony has YOU as his best friend. You're definitely one of a kind! :) God bless you, Matthew! I love you! Talk to you soon!

Mrs. that Mom Two to you! :)

Amanda said...


It was great hearing from you! But what's this about not likeing the KC Royals? :-)

Talk to you later!


Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by your choice of careers. What exactly can you accomplish by studying butterflies? Are there species that are endangered? Also, will your book be a textbook, a children's story, or what? Next summer, will you tell us how we can attract certain butterflies into our yard? (Kelly)