Sunday, November 11, 2007


Yesterday my dad and I went hunting. We were sitting in the stand last night when this HUGE buck came walking by. Since I had already got a buck this year, my dad was trying for one. He was able to shoot this 8 pointer. It was very exciting. My friend Tony and his parents came over last night to help us get it in the freezer. It took until 11 o'clock. We were tired, but still excited about the day. I have one more tag, so we are going back out today. This was the biggest deer my dad had ever got. It weighed about 300#.


Rebecca Knox said...

That was an AWESOME buck, Matthew! Tell your folks "thanks SO much" for letting us on helping with it. Tony REALLY enjoyed the learning experience! Thanks, too, for sharing some of the meat with us. I can't wait to have a nice, steaming bowl of venison stew! One fit for a "gathering of the clan!" :) Talk to you later!


Amanda said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the deer, Brian!!! It's a beautiful buck!


Anonymous said...

Poor Bambi... just kidding! Great kill Matthew! How exciting!