Sunday, December 9, 2007


We woke up this morning to a severe ice storm. There is about 1/4 - 1/2 inch of ice on the ground. The birds are scampering around trying to find food at the feeders. Luckily we had prepared for the storm and have enough food in the house as well as in the feeders. The kids bounded out of bed and headed outside BEFORE breakfast. They grabbed their sleds and headed up the hill. The boys had races down the hill to see who could get to the bottom first. Maggie enjoyed just being outside on the ice. They had to come in when it started to sleet and rain again.

With all of the power outages around the area and in Lamar, church was canceled. We had a wonderful church service in our home.

We are holding our breath right now however, because we are still getting rain and the temperature is below freezing. Hopefully we will not loose power. If we do, I have a very large crock pot of chili on.

I am thinking that at this point a nice pot of hot tea is in order. My favorite at this moment is Blueberry Vanilla Cream. Yes, I think hot tea and a movie sounds very good right now. Until next time, stay warm.

The True Meaning of Christmas

This year we wanted to focus ONLY on the real meaning of Christmas for our family. We have some friends who started a tradition this year called an Advent Wreath. I was very interested in what exactly an Advent Wreath was so I read up on it. An Advent Wreath is simply a focus on Christ and his birth. We have daily or nightly Bible readings which lead up to the birth. We will probably make this an annual event.