Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our new toy

My daughter and I have a great friend who has had a clothes line in her back yard for as long as we have known her. The other day she had messed up her back and we went over to help her hang laundry out. My daughter said that it would be neat if we had one. So, that is exactly what we did. We went out THAT DAY and bought a clothes line with some clothes pins and a cute little bag to hold them in. We went home and had my husband put it up in the yard. We put up our first load outside last Tuesday and have not been able to get one dry since. It has rained and rained almost all week. In fact, our septic tank backed up on Wednesday and soaked the carpet... we are currently living in our living room and school room. We had to pull up all of the carpet after spending hours trying to soak up all the water. What a mess. We are waiting for new carpet, but it will be several weeks before we can get it in. Oh well, I am thankful for the new carpet and the clean house. No organisms growing in my carpet to worry about or mold growing up the wall. God is truly good, because we have no money in the resident budget to do this, but my husband's boss said "Do it and let me worry about it." I am so looking forward to dry weather. How are things around your house?

Until next time,
~~Gayla and Maggie


Rebecca Knox said...

Congratulations on your new clothesline, Gayla! Isn't it wonderful? I loved the picture!

I'm sorry about your "flood", but am praising the Lord with you over His abundant provision for your family. I know this whole thing started out looking really bad, but, as the Word says, all things work together for good to them that love the Lord and called according to His purpose. Just sit tight, Girlfriend, and in a few weeks, it will be like living in a brand new home! Talk to you later! I love you!


Animal Lover said...

I can well remember when my children were small and I had to hang out clothes on the clothes line because I didn't own a clothes dryer. I would put out rows and rows of diapers and baby clothes, my husbands' jeans and work shirts and my good clothes for work. I really didn't think it was very much fun, and, yes there were those days that my nice clean clothes, that I hung out to dry, wound up wetter than when I took them out of the washer due to a sudden thunder storm. When I finally was able to afford a clothes dryer, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
How funny and how times have changed.