Thursday, June 5, 2008

I have carpet!!

One month ago the septic system failed and well let's just say that the carpet got WET. Yuck. It went thru most of the back of the house. We spent most of the night sucking up water to no avail. Our friends came from town to help. Finally we just pulled up the carpet after moving everything into the entryway, garage, and schoolroom. The five of us spent the next four weeks sleeping in the schoolroom. Life was just a bit hard at times, but we did manage. Well, as of this Tuesday, we had beautiful new carpet put into our entire house. PRAISE THE LORD. Now we just have to unpack everything. It is taking some time, but I have some friends coming tomorrow to help me get things back in order. It is amazing what we appreciate when we don't have it. I never thought living on concrete would be so cold and hollow. Everything echoed. It just seemed things were not complete. So, now I am enjoying my carpet as I watch the next batch of torrential weather come in . Tornadoes and hail on the way. This will be the fifth or sixth this season. Hey, how do you like my carpet dance that I am doing in the above picture?

I remember...

When I married my husband, I acquired a wonderful set of in laws. My father in law was tops in my book. He really made me think outside the box about many things that I had never even considered. He was always challenging me with different things. One of the things that he introduced me to was the beauty of nature. I remember helping him plant Iris and other plants. He was always patient with me and answered all of my never ending questions. I helped him weed his many flower beds. He was just a great teacher in all areas and always looked out for everyone. I remember a time when I was wanting to spray paint something. I was pregnant with my first child. Keith gently walked over to me and asked to see the paint can. He read the back of it and then told me that he didn't want me painting. He had someone else do it. He was concerned for my health and the safety of my unborn child. I had not even thought about it. I figured that I was outside and that it would be ok, but he was really insistent about it. I talked with him for hours and hours at a time. He never ceased to amaze me in his knowledge about almost everything. He helped me find out about my ancestoral history. I grew up thinking that I was Irish, but found out that I am actually Scottish. No wonder I never wanted to wear green on St. Patrick's Day. hehe. The picture above is one of his roses that he planted. This year it was absolutely beautiful. I had to capture it in picture. We had to say good bye to Kieth in 1994, just 5 months after my first child was born. Keith went to be with Jesus. Even though he has been gone for 13 years, it is still as if we lost him yesterday. What a priviledge I had to have six wonderful years with him. I miss him and can't wait to see him in Heaven.

Fun In the Sun!

Last Saturday night I had my Chase Dance Academy recital in Lamar, Missouri. It was really fun dancing with my friends- Margaret, Maddie, Molly, and Courtney. My teacher, Rebecca did a great job with our dances. We did a dance to Fun in the Sun; Car Wash (Shark Tales); Oronoco Flow and Hot Hot Hot. My favorite was Car Wash.

Car Wash

Margaret, Maggie and Maddie are practicing before recital.

My teacher, Ms. Danielle, from Carthage Dance Studio was also at the recital. My mom help put up the set. The set was really cool. Grandma Marilyn, Grandma Rindy and Papa Ron, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Steve, Daddy, Matthew and Gavin all came to see me. There were people from our church there also.

Afterwards, we got ice cream from Dairy Queen and while we were there, the tornado sirens went off. We went over to my friend, Margaret's house and sat in the basement until we could go home. My next dance recital is June 7th and 8th at the Carthage High School. This one is for The Dancers Studio in Carthage, Missouri.

(created by Maggie)