Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fun In the Sun!

Last Saturday night I had my Chase Dance Academy recital in Lamar, Missouri. It was really fun dancing with my friends- Margaret, Maddie, Molly, and Courtney. My teacher, Rebecca did a great job with our dances. We did a dance to Fun in the Sun; Car Wash (Shark Tales); Oronoco Flow and Hot Hot Hot. My favorite was Car Wash.

Car Wash

Margaret, Maggie and Maddie are practicing before recital.

My teacher, Ms. Danielle, from Carthage Dance Studio was also at the recital. My mom help put up the set. The set was really cool. Grandma Marilyn, Grandma Rindy and Papa Ron, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Steve, Daddy, Matthew and Gavin all came to see me. There were people from our church there also.

Afterwards, we got ice cream from Dairy Queen and while we were there, the tornado sirens went off. We went over to my friend, Margaret's house and sat in the basement until we could go home. My next dance recital is June 7th and 8th at the Carthage High School. This one is for The Dancers Studio in Carthage, Missouri.

(created by Maggie)

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Animal Lover said...

I can remember when my children were small I would hang clothes out on a clothes line because I did not own a clothes dryer. I hung rows and rows of diapers, baby clothes, my husbands jeans and work shirts and my clothes for work. I did not think it was that much fun then....and yes there were times that my clothes would wind up wetter than when I took them out of the washer due to a sudden thunder storm. When I finally was able to afford a used clothes dryer, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. How funny and how times have changed.