Thursday, June 5, 2008

I have carpet!!

One month ago the septic system failed and well let's just say that the carpet got WET. Yuck. It went thru most of the back of the house. We spent most of the night sucking up water to no avail. Our friends came from town to help. Finally we just pulled up the carpet after moving everything into the entryway, garage, and schoolroom. The five of us spent the next four weeks sleeping in the schoolroom. Life was just a bit hard at times, but we did manage. Well, as of this Tuesday, we had beautiful new carpet put into our entire house. PRAISE THE LORD. Now we just have to unpack everything. It is taking some time, but I have some friends coming tomorrow to help me get things back in order. It is amazing what we appreciate when we don't have it. I never thought living on concrete would be so cold and hollow. Everything echoed. It just seemed things were not complete. So, now I am enjoying my carpet as I watch the next batch of torrential weather come in . Tornadoes and hail on the way. This will be the fifth or sixth this season. Hey, how do you like my carpet dance that I am doing in the above picture?

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