Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Vacation

This year we went to Branson, Missouri for our family vacation. We went to a conference, called Defending Your Family Faith Conference with several great speakers to listen to. We really enjoyed what the speakers had to say. It was great just knowing that how you believe is within the will of God. Ken Ham, from Answers in Genesis, spoke about creation evagelism. Doug Phillips, of Vision Forum, spoke about the family and the father's role in the family. Dr. Voddie Backam spoke about the validity of the Bible.
We also went to see the Titanic Museum, which was very interesting. As you went in, you were given a passport of an actual passenger. You followed your passenger thru the museum and at the end, you found out if you survived or not. There were some actual artifacts from the ship itself. We went out to eat with friends and then we all headed to the gocarts. What fun that was. Our conference was concluded Friday night and we headed out to St. James to see some old friends of ours that used to live at Lake of the Ozarks when we lived there. It was great to see them again.

This week our niece is here visiting and we leave tomorrow for Lake of the Ozarks to spend some time with old friends again. Boy I can't wait for school to start back up again. I need to stay home. I need to go back to church. I hope they remember me there.

Until next time,
Happy Blogging-

Saturday, July 12, 2008


-This summer we are having so much fun just enjoying family time together. Each week we head to the library and then to the pool where we swim. My favorite part of the pool is jumping off the diving board. My mom has been challenging me to flip off the board, but the last time I tried I back flopped and it HURT! The pool is a neat place. We have never been there before. When I get home, I start reading again, so I can get another pool pass the next week. ~~~Matthew

This is Maggie.... my summer has been really fun. We have gone to the pool every week as a reward for reading. The pool is really fun because it has four slides, a really big pool and a lazy river. My favorite part of the pool is the really fast slide. You go really fast down this steep slide and when you hit the water, it makes a big splash. We are going on vacation to Branson. I can't wait to ride the go-carts. We are going with friends of ours from our church. My cousin will be coming down when we get back and I am going to get to see a friend of mine that lives in St. James that I have not seen in a while. I am going to go to another friend's house at Lake Ozark and to grandma's house before we head back to school in August. Talk to you later.

From Gavin~~~ My summer is a lot of fun. There is a pool in Pittsburg that is really fun. It has four slides, and two diving boards. You can jump off the edge of the pool and there is a really wide slide that you can fit three people. We have a summer reading program at the library that we can get a pool pass every week. My friend Mitchell came to stay for a week. He brought his paintball guns down with him. We played paint ball all week. We are going on vacation. I can't wait.

I have enjoyed being home with my kids this summer. We spend so much time running in the school year that it is hard to have that quite time together. As you can see we have had fun at the pool. That is what the kids look forward to every week. What kid wouldn't? My garden is going gang busters. I have TONS of green beans that Mags and I have put up already and they are just getting started. I have a new plant in the garden this year... squash. Boy, it is going crazy. I will have so much squash that I won't know what to do with it. Well, I must go pack for vacation. Talk to you soon. ~~~Gayla