Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Funny Animals

Recently I was not able to find my daughter's cat, Ms. Kitty. We looked everywhere for her. Well, as you can see, we found her resting quite comfortably in my large potted plant in my entryway. She was enjoying the warm sun that was coming through the window close by. We just had to laugh. At first I didn't want her in there, because I was afraid she would knock out a whole bunch of dirt onto the floor. She didn't move even one inch of dirt. In fact, we took all kinds of pictures of her as well as just stand and laugh at her. She did not move an inch. There was no way she was going to move from that spot. Cats are so funny. They are very agile on their feet and very clean. At first I didn't like the cat, but after a few years she has grown on me. She can be very lovable and is far easier to take care of that our dog.

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