Monday, May 11, 2009

Major Storms

This last Friday morning, May 8, 2009, I awoke to a very scary storm. As I laid there, I heard the sound of a very loud "train" coming OVER the house. I felt God saying, "GET UP NOW!". I jumped up and found my family still sleeping. The DISH network was out so I could not look at a radar picture. Something just said to get everyone in the hall. I woke my husband up and said that we needed to get in the hall. Pulling the kids out of bed, we grabbed the animals and took cover. As we prayed, we heard the sound of cracking wood and close lightening strikes. WOW, what might power God has. Our power went out about ten minutes after that. When it was over, we ventured outside and found a lot of damage....trees or tree limbs down, water WATER everywhere....poles and lines down... amazing how wind can make.

We found out that the damage was wide spread and that we were the lucky ones. I am so thankful that God was protecting us.

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Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage said...

I remember that storm. I was standing at the door about to drive to Kansas City to pick up my sister in law at the airport. Just as I was telling my husband good-bye, the storm hit and the sirens blew. So, instead it was to the basement for all of us. We were fortunate that it didn't hit us directly in Carthage. We only had tree limbs down.

I'm glad you were alright. God is the Protector.