Monday, May 11, 2009

Memories Were Made Today!

Today my kids and I headed out to the local nurseries to find the best flowers for our yard. We are having a church picnic at our house on Memorial Day, so we are cleaning up around the place and planting flowers. We went to the local Amish greenhouse and found the most beautiful haning basket of geraniums. Then it was on the a nursery on the other side of the county to find more geraniums and impatients. LOTS of Impatients. As we loaded them in the car and said hello to the owner's two dogs, we decided to go looking for some Basil and tomatoes. Those were found at the greenhouse in town. After heading to Wal Mart and then back to the Amish store, it was onward towards home. We planted those beautiful and delicate flowers in large pots and put them in strategic placed in the yard. What a difference it made. My yard went from just green to splashes of green, red, pink, purple, orange, rust, and white. It was beautiful. It made me stop and think about the little things that God gives us to enjoy Him. The flowers, the birds and butterflies... these are all just God's paintbrush. It is like God is saying, "Look what I can do." I enjoyed spending time with my children as we went looking for the flowers and then planting them. I am sure this has been the best spring season in a long time, just because I was able to spend the time with my kids. Memories were made today. Take time to stop, smell the flowers and listen to what God has to say to you.
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