Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm a proud mama!

Ok, I just have to boast. Sorry, but sometimes that is the only thing a mama can do. I was looking at someones blog spot (thanks Laura) and really liked how she had the cutest backgrounds. So I found the little website from her blog site. My son and I sat down and started trying to figure out how to get the background that I had chosen to wind up on my blogsite. After a few times.... he was really good at this stuff, I was able to change my blog background. We also added a cute blinkie. I am so bad at this computer stuff, because growing up, we didn't even have a computer in our school, much less in our homes. I am a homeschooling mom and I love the fact that my kids have taken it upon themselves to sit down and plunk around learning how to use this little box sitting in front of me. I SEE HOMESCHOOL HOURS ahead of me.

Until next time~


Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage said...

Hi Gayle,
Your blog looks terrific! I love that site. There are so many great choices. I have the same computer monitor that we got back in 1997; so, I cannot see the entire design. I just choose something that has a nice center portion. ~smile~ Do what you can, with what you've got, where you are! Teddy Roosevelt

Blessings to you and your homeschool family. I'm in Missouri also. I think I might know the prairie you're talking about.

Have a wonderful weekend. We're having a yard sale. My last for a long time.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage said...

My apologies! You are Gayla not Gayle. I'm sorry, it's just before 6:00 a.m., I'm not quite awake!