Thursday, July 30, 2009

They like us to dress up

I was getting ready for a date with my dh tonight, when I looked at what I was wearing. Ugh...I had on a comfortable shirt and a pair of shorts. Just plain comfortable clothing. I thought about when my husband and I were "dating" and I remembered back to how excited I used to get when we were going out. I would spend an hour curling my hair, putting on makeup, making myself look "cute" for him. After 18years of marriage and three kids, I thought about how much time I spend getting ready for a date now. I must admit, I have not put much thought into it. I was just thankful that my kids were old enough to stay at home with out a babysitter (Halleluiah sp? ). I would just throw something on, pull back my hair and out the door I went. I have gotten so caught up in being a mother to my kids including their teacher, that I forgot about him. I wonder what he thought. ladies, a wise woman once told me that we need to dress up for our dh because they LIKE it. I am not pointing fingers, I am telling on myself. And I hope he will notice when he gets home... I will let you know. By the way... I would like to hear your thoughts about this topic. Thakns.


Anonymous said...

Ok Gayla, I'm new to most things on computer so I'm not sure what sp is, dh I take to mean dear hubby. Anyway, I was thinking that you are right about taking relationships for granted, especially the onse that should be of highest priority. God was gragious enought to me this morning to show me that I do not value Him above all. This was such sweet conviction as it pained me greatly yet was correction from Him and as such, was for my good. He is so good to us! Glad to hear you are enjoying your husband. God bless. Kathy V.

Gayla's musings said...

What a touching comment. I agree with you about putting God first. I know I get so caught up in raising and schooling kids that I, sadly, just don't think about Him like I should. I hope you are doing well. We didn't get over to see you this summer did we? Maybe we can do something this fall. Thank you for your friendship. ~Gayla