Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a great treat!

Friday my dear sweet husband surprised me with a secret trip away for the weekend. "Where are we going?" I asked. He would not tell me. My kids knew of the plot but they would not budge either. After a morning of anticipation, we headed out towards Kansas....then turned south and crossed into Oklahoma. I was completely stumped. There was nothing in the area that smelled of civilization. I thought he was taking me camping. So, after about two and a half hours and one small town after another, we stopped in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. I was very surprised. It was not a place I had ever thought about visiting. We checked into our hotel and headed out to get ice cream. We didn't make it very far before we heard the sounds of drums beating. We parked the car and headed towards the noise. Wow, we were surprised... there were crowds of Native Americans dancing in their tribal dress. It was the Oklahoma Indian Summer Festival. We sat down and just watched and listened to the music and the dancing. This morning, we headed out for breakfast and found a wonderful coffee shop. It is called Judes Coffee. I had a Carmel Truffle. YUM YUM.... I loved the taste and I can tell you that this girl has NEVER had froth art on top of her coffee. It was so pretty that I just had to take a picture of it. We had a wonderful day of exploring the town of Bartlesville. We went thru the museum as well as visited the home of Frank Phillips, founder of Phillips Petroleum. We, then headed out to a small town close by called Dewey for the Western Heritage Festival. There were gun fights re-enactments as well as long horn cattle that were herded down Main street. If you are ever in the northeastern part of Oklahoma, stop in and check out Bartlesville. It is quite a happening place. What??? You are wondering about the blue bison sculpture? It is a project being worked on by a local artist to raise money for a local foundation. There will be a total of 15 bison. Right now there are only five completed. Well, thanks for reading.
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proverbs31heart said...

Sounds like a fun get-away, Gayla. Love the photos! As you know, I don't do coffee, but the artwork is amazing! How pretty! How far is Bartlesville from here anyway?

Gayla's musings said...

Thanks for the nice post. Bartlesville is about three hours from here. There is a lot to do there...Voice of the Martyr's headquarters, Phillips 66 mansion, a classical music festival every June, and much more. It really is a neat place. One of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings is downtown as well. I can't wait to go back and see all the bison statues when they are completed.