Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall is here!!

I love autumn. It is such a wonderful time of cool weather, beautiful color outside and just a repreive from the hot summer sun. Autumn brings about a busy time around our house. The tea pots come out and scones are baked for a hot cup of tea in the crisp morning. Yum! One of our favorite traditions that I started when the kids were little, is to make applebutter. Each year we shop around for the best priced apples and buy usually two to three bushels. This year we bought three. I am planning on dehydrating some apple slices for a winter treat. I used to take the kids to a pumpkin patch before we moved here. I realized last night that we had not visited one in a long time. I looked up a place on the internet and found that it was close by, so we will be visiting one hopefully next weekend. Another tradition (that my dd and I have not been able to attend in a couple of years) is a large extended family Harvest Party. All the aunts and uncles as well as the cousins and their children get together near Springfield, Mo. and enjoy a day out. There usually is a theme. This year it is Superheros. I am thinking about going as Van Mom... since I am in the van driving down the hiway so much. Not sure how to pull that one off. Not sure I want to, but anyway the day is quite a blast. Our kids can spend the time with thier cousins. The day also has an archery contest and a weiner roast. So.... the windows are open, there are chocolate chunk cookies in the oven, apples drying in the dehydrater and after school is finished, I will clean for dinner company. That always brings about a wonderful smell of a clean house. Oh, did I mention that the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice is always on when I clean. My boys just love it.....NOT!

Until next time....


proverbs31heart said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful fall, Gayla! I'm enjoying mine, too. Things are finally settling down in to a new normal around here and it's so nice! Have a nice day!


Carolyn said...

Hello, Gayla!

I wanted to email you directly (you said "feel free to email me"), but I couldn't find an email address for you! So I am posting a comment here. I love your "Prairie Flower Cottage" blog - what a fabulous family you have! I am so glad that you liked the herbal balm. Apple Days cleaned me out of a lot of stock, including the lotion bars - sorry. But I plan to make some this week. I'll trade you a lotion bar for a jar of your apple butter if you have any left. It's amazing to meet somebody who is as much in love with Jane Austin as I am - from what I see on your blog we have a lot more in common, too. Please email me direct at, so we aren't posting and counterposting on each other's blogs all the time!