Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Keep them young just a little longer Lord

My youngest came up to me and asked if we could go on a walk yesterday. Of course I would go with him. I spend a lot of time with my daughter, but not much time with my sons.... so off we went. WOW... what a wonderful treasure. I had the best time just walking with the boys, listening to them chatter back and forth about this and that. I noticed my oldest one has grown considerably tall and handsome. He has muscles that I never noticed before. This, I'm sure, will bring around those pesty females... so I'd better get me a big stick. My youngest one is so full of life. He loves to look around and see the good in EVERYTHING. We were walking down the main gravel road just looking at stuff. Boys do that... they look at stuff. Well, there were tracks galore..... opposum, racoon, bison, dog and boy tracks. The boys were down, with their faces looking at these tracks. Was is a opposum track? Was is a racoon track? Some of the tracks had been washed some by the rain earlier in the day. Then they took me to the cattleguard crossing to see if the Black snake was still there. Thankfully, no snake. Then we headed back observing the paths that had been left by all the wild animals who had traveled across the road and down into the woods. "How can you tell that," I asked. They showed me how the grass had been broken over and the ground had been disturbed. I just stood in awe at everything these guys knew... the 9 year old was very well versed in outdoor skills, as well as the older one. Theire dad has done a terrific job with them. It makes me wonder at times... if they need me at all. heheheh It was a great afternoon of reconnecting with my boys.

Until net time...

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