Friday, October 9, 2009

Nothing like home made applebutter!

Last weekend was a wonderful day. It was cool and crisp, with a hint of fall arriving in full swing. Early Saturday morning, my mother-in-law and myself went into Lamar to take my oldest son to soccer, for he was a referee in the morning games for the local league. While we waited, we headed over to the famous Lamar square, where the Apple Days Festival was just getting started. What a great morning of just walking along the sidewalk, around the large courthouse, stopping to talk to many friends and acquaintances, as well as making new friends along the way. I will post more on that later. I just loved looking at all the wonderful wares that people had put their hearts and souls into. I met a wonderful local couple who makes their own soaps and balms. It is wonderful. You can check out their information by looking at my list of blogs I follow... it is under Peaceacre farms... I bought my MOPS discount card. Now I can head to the local Dairy Queen and buy a small blizzard and get one free. It pays for itself in only two visits. I love ice cream and have a friend who loves it just as much as I do... in fact, we usually try to get our husbands to buy the ice cream before the meal when we are on a double date. Anyway, back to my post. After feeding my 15 y.o. son after the games, we headed home. Earlier in the week the kids and I had ventured over to the east side of Barton county and bought three bushels of apples from a local Amish farmer. They were great apples. We pulled out the table we use every year, attached my NEW Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer/slicer ( I have already gone thru one of them), and started in. Everyone knew their places. My son loves love loves to peel the apples, while the two others cut the slices into fours. My mother in law carts the apple slices into the kitchen and I pummel them in the food processor. After getting the apples to the perfect consistency (they say I am picky), I put them in a pot on the stove with sugar, spices and water to cook down. After a while, we then ladle the mixture into hot jars and wha lah.... hot apple butter. The kids love to eat the peels as they come off the peeler.
I started this tradition purely out of intrigue one year when the kids were really little. I had been watching Martha Stewart Living one day and she was making applesauce. I thought if she could do it, then why couldn't I. Little did I know I was starting a well loved family tradition. We look forward to this special time every year. I never dreamed that my kids would be in their preteens and teens and still love to help me with it. Don't get me wrong... they love to eat it. It goes very fast.... this year, however, I made 40 quarts. I sent quite a bit home with my mother in law, as she had gone in with us to purchase the apples. I think I can make it for a while with what I have. There have been times when I have had to put a lock on the apple butter door. hahahahaha....
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