Friday, November 6, 2009

The True Arthur by Matheson Miller

Although many of you think that King Arthur was a good king, you are wrong. He actually was a ruthless ruler. You will see in the story to come. It all began at the round table on September 13, 1120 a.d. A man named Malcolm "The Giant" was at a gathering at the round table to discuss the peasant uprising problem when it was suddenly interrupted by Arthur's right hand man, Seymour Bartholomew. He whispered into Arthur's ear and the gathering was cut short. Malcolm left and headed to the cave (which was the secret meeting spot for "dokulkastande", a group started by Arthur's step brother Charles Schmidt.) As he reached the front of the cave, he stopped at the door to say the password (while moving your pinkie, say hello). He entered the meeting which had already started. There was a man who was saying he had seen Seymour and Arthur leaving the meeting. Malcolm followed the two all the was to the center of town, where there were many peasants screaming, "Lower taxes!" Arthur pulled out his dagger and stabbed the man in the heart. The crowd became silent. Arthur yelled, "Let that be a lesson to you all", then he got on his horse and rode off. Suddenly a loud cry echoed through the cave. "Arthur is coming!" Every one was running out the door and into the woods. I made it to the tree right when Arthur got there. Unfortunately, Charles didn't. Arthur caught him and ordered him shot down. A man to the right of Arthur shot him in the back with his crossbow. Then a man came out of the cave. It was Malcolm's best friend, James. He shook Arthur's hand and rode off with him. So now Malcolm's friend was a trader. Arthur had found out about "Dokullkastande" and Malcolm was probably banned from the round table and if caught, he would be killed like Charles. So Malcolm blew his horn (which meant all men in the club were to meet at the giant stump in the middle of the forest). It was evening when they finally met. Malcolm stood on the stump and said, "My fellow brothers, I blew the horn today because we are in drastic times. We need to protect our people from this ruthless ruler. We need to stand up and stop being cowards. We must fight! Fight for our women and children! Fight for our pride! So who is going to fight with me?!"Not a single person stood. "Then you are all cowards. You can all play dead like an opossum or run in your holes like a ground hog. I will fight and die doing it!" Then he got on his horse and rode toward the castle. As he reached the gate, he stopped and said a prayer before meeting his death. When he was done he looked down the trail and saw Arthur, Seymour, James, and some other men. As they drew close, he picked up his crossbow and shot Seymour in the head. Then the other men got off there horses and charged towards him. He quickly slew them. Next, James swung his mace at him. He cut his arm right off, pulled him off his horse onto the ground and lunged his sword through his chest. Arthur suddenly started galloping toward the gate screaming, "Open the gate!" The gate started to open. Malcolm shot him in the shoulder and he made it through the gate. As Malcolm noticed he was missing a finger and bleeding everywhere, he fled toward the north to his homeland. As Arthur made it into the castle with an arrow through his shoulder, he yelled, "Follow that man and kill him!" A group of about one hundred soldiers on horses headed toward Malcolm. When the king recovered, he ordered that the history documents be changed and Malcolm was wiped out of it, and Arthur written to be a good king. Malcolm was never seen again and no one knows whether the posse got him or not. Well I am glad that you know the truth now and I am glad you heard it from a man who was there. My name is Malcolm, The Giant McMullen. It is September 13, 1180 and I thank the Lord to be alive.

written by Matheson B. Miller - age 15

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