Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chocolate and coffee...what more could a girl want?

We have four family birthdays in the month of January. My husband, mine, and my two nieces. So this year we decided to head up to Kansas City to spend the time with my brother. Thanks to a wonderful sister-in-law, we toured two of my favorite places.
We went to the Roasterie Coffee Factory. Wow, that was fun.
We were able to walk the "green mile" which is the place were all the green coffee stored until it is roasted and ready to ship out. They showed us how they roast the coffee after cupping it. The cupping process is where they decide how much to roast each type of coffee. The coffee they buy is litterally all over the country (south of the equator.) Then it was off to packaging, where they showed us how to choose a good coffee. You
always want to look for that little "bellybutton" on the front of your coffee bag. That lets out the gases that build up after packaging.
After the coffee house,we headed to Crown center where we enjoyed a demonstration of how chocolate was made. It was a great time watching the man flip warm liquid chocolate into the air. He was cooling it so that he could form it into a wedge of fudge. That was a great time. The weekend was spent with lots of laughter and a wonderful family meal, where my parents came over to share. Spaghetti. yum yum....I had a great birthday and I think the others did too. It's not so bad sharing your birthday with other loved ones
Until next time..

My Sweet Gavin is 10!

I can't believe that the little baby I brought home from the hospital in a Christmas stocking is 10 years old. I woke up the morning of the 21st of Dec. and it hit me...."I don't have any more kids in single digits." Where has the time gone? Just yesterday he was toddling around in his footie pajamas, with a sheepish grin on his face as he reached for something he wasn't suppose to have. He would ( and still does) flash those big blus Finley eyes and say say, "Mommy, can I have a cookie?" I just love his gentle spirit. He is such a go getter. Eveyone knows when he is around. After watching him recently, I realized that he is not only a very social person (I don't know where he gets it) but an encourager as well. God has some great plans for this little guy. Maybe some day he will be an inventor of something mankind can not do without or maybe he will be a pastor, reaching out to the lost. In any case, I am having a blast watching him grow up. I love you so much Gavin. You are such a precious part of our famiily.

Winter Fun 09

I couldn't let this winter get by and not post about our sled riding. On Dec. 27th, we decided that since church had been canceled, we would go sledding. It is amazing what you can make a sled out of. The boys found the lid to a metal trash can and tied a lasso rope to it. The other end was tied to the ATV. Off we went flying down the drive way. The snow was cold, but not too cold. It was just perfect for sled riding on metal can lids. There is a certain snow type that you need for metal sleds. Did you know that? No, just kidding. I think all it takes is a lid, some snow, a rope and three kids willing to break their necks as they scream "Faster....go faster, Dad!" I love snow and I love to get my kids out in it. We just don't always get a lot of snow...sometimes we don't get any snow.
Bruce decided to get into the act, until he ran up the gravel road and Brian had to go after him. He was put on the chain after that. Our little dog, Sadie was quit put out when she had to stay inside the house. You could hear her yelping from the yard. She is such a drama queen. Gavin went first and was such a trooper. He was thrown this way and that way. He crashed into the snow banks and just laughed. Maggie got the award for most graceful dismount. As you can see in the third picture, all those dance classes have paid off. She is still pointing her toes even in the midst of a crash. Matthew was Matthew. The more extreme the better. It became a competition between dad and son to see who could go the fastest on the machine and who could throw who off the worst. It got a bit hairy there for a while. But, Miller men will be Miller men. They are the most extreme in just about anything. That's what I love about them. As you can see in the last picture, there are ice cycles hanging off Gavin's eye lashes. The boys were getting ready to ambush their dad. Poor guy.... I had to act like I didn't know what was about to happen. They look pretty serious don't they? After hours of fun, we headed into the house for some hot chocolate and a warm meal. The day had been a great day. One that I will remember forever.
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Christmas Happenings...

We had the best Christmas holiday this year. To start it off, we woke up to a white Christmas morning. It was great. I can't remember the last time we had snow on Christmas morning. We were so excited to see it. Our dogs loved playing in the wet, white snow. The night before we had a house full of company over to play games and just hang out. It meant a lot to me to have my family and close friends at my home. We enjoyed a huge taco salad and one of the girls brought baclava for dessert. Yum.

After a long wonferful Christmas morning of opening gift, we had our traditional breakfast of biscuits and gravy. Then we played with our new games and toys for the better part of the day. I was so excited because I was given a Cricut for Christmas. It is a wonderful scrapbooking tool, for those of you who don't know what a Cricut is. It is so exciting to think that next year we will have a new baby join our Christmas holiday. I am getting a new baby nephew in March!
After a couple of days at home, we headed up to Harrisonville, see my side of the family. What a great day! We enjoyed giving gifts with them, but after a wonderful hot meal at the old family dining table, the kids headed outside to play in the snow. What a cold day it was, but you couldn't tell those kids that. After getting Uncle Craig and Papa to start up the ATVs, there was no stopping them. They came back in with ice cycles hangning from their noses. This year has been one of the best ones I can remember just being with family and enjoying one another's company. I hope you had a memorable holiday seaason. May God bless you and your family in 2010.
~Until next time....