Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chocolate and coffee...what more could a girl want?

We have four family birthdays in the month of January. My husband, mine, and my two nieces. So this year we decided to head up to Kansas City to spend the time with my brother. Thanks to a wonderful sister-in-law, we toured two of my favorite places.
We went to the Roasterie Coffee Factory. Wow, that was fun.
We were able to walk the "green mile" which is the place were all the green coffee stored until it is roasted and ready to ship out. They showed us how they roast the coffee after cupping it. The cupping process is where they decide how much to roast each type of coffee. The coffee they buy is litterally all over the country (south of the equator.) Then it was off to packaging, where they showed us how to choose a good coffee. You
always want to look for that little "bellybutton" on the front of your coffee bag. That lets out the gases that build up after packaging.
After the coffee house,we headed to Crown center where we enjoyed a demonstration of how chocolate was made. It was a great time watching the man flip warm liquid chocolate into the air. He was cooling it so that he could form it into a wedge of fudge. That was a great time. The weekend was spent with lots of laughter and a wonderful family meal, where my parents came over to share. Spaghetti. yum yum....I had a great birthday and I think the others did too. It's not so bad sharing your birthday with other loved ones
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lauraofharvestlane said...

This sounds like a great field trip to me! If only I can remember when we get some $ together for a trip to KC!

Gayla's musings said...

Laura - It was such a great birthday. One of my favorites.