Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family Fun in the city.....

We headed up to Kansas City to spend time with my brother and his wife for the holiday. We have had some much fun just being together. After a quick trip to one of the many fireworks tents, we headed home with the anticipation of shooting off our purchases. We have several boys in our group and I have learned that boys love to blow up things. So, after about an hour of loud pops and screams, loads of smoke and the smell of sulfur, we headed inside. Our bbq is in progress and hopefully tonight we will head to Parkville, Mo. and see their show. We plan on taking some professional pictures today of the kids. The weather man says that it is undoubtedly going to storm, but we are hopeful that he is wrong. Even though the radar shows a huge chance of the storms happening, we are praying that the rain will go north. I will have to post more later and let you know how we did. Maggie is enjoying her smoke bombs... who would have thought a smoke bomb would keep kids entertained as long as they do....Well, enough for now. I hope you all have a great holiday. Please be safe and praise the Lord for your freedom.

Until next time... Happy blogging.

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