Monday, September 6, 2010

Saving $ with Coupons (Part 2)

In my last blog entry, I started my posts on my findings on saving money and using coupons. I am still posting on the info. I found on Yes, you are able to go to the site and read the articles for yourself, but me posting them is helping me learn the concepts. Thanks for reading.

4. Shop with Cash: You will very likely see savings on your grocery bill if you shop with cash. It forces you to stick to your budget. If you don't have the $ in hand, then you can't spend it. Using a debit or credit card gives you a leeway to go over that $2 or so each time. If you go over just a few dollars every time, that will not seem like much at the time, but will add up by the end of the year. It could be as much as a $100 or so.
~Use the envelope system to put your cash in.
*Guidelines: 1. Commit to only spend what is in your grocery envelope for the next three months. 2. Go to bank and with drawl cash in the amount of your predetermined grocery budget. 3. Leave your credit/debit card at home. 4. Calculate purchases on a calculator as you add them to your cart. (Be sure to note last entry amount each time, just in case you accidentally hit clear. Speaking from experience. ) 5. PAY WITH CASH.

5. The Buy Ahead Principle: One of the biggest successes to grocery savings. NEVER PAY RETAIL.

--if you are patient and observant, you can buy most items at %0% or more off.

---How To Build a Stockpile;
1. Designate a small portion of your grocery budget to building up your stockpile. - $5- 10/wk on deeply discounted items.
2. Designate an area in your home to store your stockpile.
3. Determine when enough is enough.

6. Shop at more than one store. Take time to scout out the stores nearby and pick a few stores which have the best deals and sales.
~make a list of all the stores in your area.
~visit your stores and record prices of 25 items you routinely buy.
~find out what your local stores coupon and mark down policies are. - double coupons? limitations? expired coupons? store coupons used in addition to manufactures coupons? competitors coupons? reduces produce, dairy and meats on regular basis? when?
~determine which stores regularly have the lowest prices and best values?

7. Everyone should use coupons - coupons are available for all foods, not just processed foods. Use coupons wisely..wait for items to go on sale and then use your coupon.

8. 10 ways to get free coupons:
~1. ask friends or relatives for their extra coupon inserts.
~2. stop by Starbucks/McDonalds on Sundays... people will throw away those inserts.
~3. make friends with someone who delivers papers.
~4. trade coupons. Try
~5. Join a coupon train.
~6. check your library for those inserts. The library does not keep the coupon inserts.
~7. dumpster dive: some of my friends have been able to get great deals this way.
~8. pick up coupons at the stores.
~9. print coupons online.
~10. write the companies and ask to be put on their special mailing lists.

Ok, there you have part two. This last weekend, I bought my papers and am currently in the middle of the huge mountain of coupons to organize. Tomorrow evening I will be going to the store and purchasing some items. I will post on how I did. Wish me luck.

Until next time...

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