Sunday, September 5, 2010

We said goodbye to a dear pet...

Sadly, we had to say good bye to a wonderful family pet. Miss Kitty came into our home in 2003 as a gift to our then 6 year old daughter...she was quite the wild cat at first, but after many years of work, Maggie was able to tame her down. She was a Russian Blue cat and was beautiful. We enjoyed watching her race up and down the long hallway of our house. All we saw was this grey flash going by. She had quite the personality.
We noticed that she was not eating her food back in July. After several attempts at getting her to eat, we took her to the vet. She was at the vet's for three days, recieving I.V. therapy. After bringing her home and trying to get her to eat still, we realized that she was jaundiced and confused. We had to make the decision that she was not going to get better, without putting a feeding tube down her. So, with great tears shed, Brian took her back to the vet where they did the duty of putting her out of her misery in a humane way. We will miss Miss Kitty greatly.

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