Monday, November 28, 2011

What An Experience!

That was the email we received back in October.  Maggie's studio had been invited to perform at the world famous Kansas City Country Club plaza lighting ceremony.  The show would be broadcasted  around the world.  So, needless to say, the next several weeks were spent practicing, practicing, and did I say practicing?  The kids were so exhausted after the show, that my own daughter slept for literally two days.  She missed Black Friday shopping (which she has not missed in years) and literally fell asleep singing once.  Too bad I did not have a camera to take THAT photo.  As a homeschooler, I love the fact that these kids were given the opportunity to see how much work goes into producing a television show.  They were able to meet a famous actor and work with directors. They all had to work together as a team, to turn out a wonderful show.  The entire week was given to rehearsals.  Maggie and I spent the week in Kansas City.  Thanks to my brother for letting us camp out on his living room floor.  After all the lights were turned off, the crowd had gone home, and the actor was shuffled to his limo, I asked Maggie how she liked it and if she would do it again.  The verdict came in...  "Mom, it ROCKED!  I loved it!  I want to do it again and again!!"  I guess I need to find me some really good vitamins and a car that gets incredible gas mileage.  

For what it's worth, I loved her in the Rockettes part of the show.  

 What a great time we had as a family sharing this experience together. It was a great way to start the holiday season.


proverbs31heart said...

Sorry we didn't make it down there this year. It would have been exciting to see! Glad Maggie enjoyed it! :)

happy hippo said...

Sounds like alot of fun. Just a hint for your blog. Darken the words they were hard for me to read.