Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Remember.....

The day started like any other day had been started that fall.  My small children were scampering around the house.  We have had breakfast, the morning chores are completed, and we are starting our school day.  My second grader and I had just settled down to a list of spelling words, when the phone rang.  When I answered, the voice on the other end was my husband's voice.  "Gayla, turn on the television." Hanging up the phone, I grabbed the remote and turned on the television.  To my horror, I saw the carnage.  As my mind tried to comprehend what I was seeing, my oldest asked me, "What's wrong mommy?"  I told him that I was not sure, but that we needed to pray.  We immediately stared praying for the people in the building and on the plane.  I could hear my little 4 year old praying.  She was so earnest that it touched my heart.  As we looked up from our prayers, I noticed that the second plane had hit.  What was going on?  This was no accident.  So many thoughts ran through my mind.  I was about to turn off the television, when the news of the Pentagon came over the airwaves.  I called my husband and told him of the third plane.  I remember being so frightened.  I looked into the eyes of my children, realizing that they could see my fear.  I had to get a handle on my emotions for their sake.  I tried to make it all normal for them.  The day was a regular school day for all they knew.  In side my mind, I was so frightened.  Who was responsible for this?  How had this happened??  Where was the President?  I later found out that he was being flown directly over head across the state to a secret location in the middle of the country.  All these questions kept buzzing through my head. 

After contacting my family members, making sure they were safe, I gathered up my three little ones and hugged them all that day.  I remember watching them play in the yard.  Three small innocent children, who had no idea how their world had changed that day for all of us.  All I knew is that I was thankful for living another day.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A New Idea....

I was surfing the web today and I came across the neatest blog I have seen in a while.  This lady buys miniature houses and then she puts them together and decorates them.  They are AWSOME to say the least.  I love small, quiant little spaces and when I first came to the blog,  I thought the pictures I was looking at were of HER kitchen.  Man, I thought to myself.."I would LOVE to live in a place like that".  Then I realized it was a minature house.  I got to thinking..just because it is a minature, doesn't mean you could not design my house with those ideas.  Then it came to me.. what a great thing to do with my daughter.  I am now searching for a Hobby Lobby 50% coupon.  It would be a great memory to have with her. I have posted the blog address below with some photos of that site.  I hope you enjoy perusing the site as much as I did.  There is a suprise around every corner.